We offers a wide range of packaging solutions on the market, thanks to the possibility of choosing between several different packaging systems, each with it’s technology for extending the conservation of each fruit or vegetable.
We use a wide range of hand erect trays and boxes as well specifically for fruit and vegetables that are ideal where no machines are available, such as field packing.
All packs are designed to meet the physical requirements of the supply chain to ensure your fruit and vegetables arrive in optimal condition.
High quality printed trays allow us use a wide range of colors and graphics to meet our customer requirements leading to increase their sales.


We are working hard to provide fast, efficient and sanitary last mile logistics services as this directly impacts the freshness of produce inventory. We ensure product freshness to meet our customer expectations.
In order to guarantee the highest quality product at the lowest prices by partnering with reliable and high performing transportation partners. Transportation operations have been impacted by legislation such as the FSMA Sanitary Transportation of Human & Animal Food Rule.
Under this legislation many transportation providers have had to make adjustments to their operational processes in order to meet the stringent requirements relating to proper refrigeration during transport, trailer cleansing between loads and proper food protection.
We are proud of the freshness and quality of our products at their arrival to our customers throughout all the year seasons.