Our Principle

Quality is our priority, so we do a vertically integrated origination from seed to export of the processed product. Close relationship with local growers across the country to the respective destination’s markets. Connecting cultures across continents through Agri(culture) trading.
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  • The Organic certification is synonymous of reliability and assurance in national and international markets; for this reason, our company decided to adhere to the four principles of biological agriculture: wellness, ecology, fairness and precaution.
  • Direct and widespread connections with the single producers allowed a more rigorous selection according to their global quality. Thanks to its quality system, our company checks the conformity of raw materials and requires a careful quality control on incoming and outgoing goods from cold cells
  • The relation with producers foresees frequent on-site visits to disclose to the farmers, all the required information and skills to standardize the products and services based on the different customers’ requests and highest quality standards set forth by the organic sector.
  • In order to complete the quality assurance task, our company partners resort to analysis laboratories recognised at European level that take samples from the main lots to ensure total quality to the fin
  • TN is leader in the organic vegetables and fruit market.


We are firmly convinced that the certified quality management system demonstrates our company’s commitment to both quality and customer satisfaction; it is our Company’s goal to comply in full of such certification in the awareness that it is a vital tool for documenting product conformity with industry standards, directives and rules and ensuring the quality and excellence for which we are renowned.


Certification is, nowadays, a key marketing requisite for fruit and vegetable products. For this reason, our company is being responding to market needs by certifying production.

Most of our partners are Global-Gap certified. The key elements of the standard concern the following aspects:

  • Health, safety and welfare of workers;
  • Protection and preservation of the environment;
  • Handling of waste and corporate residues and their re-utilization;
  • Traceability;
  • Aware management of GMO and propagation material;
  • Management of the soil and fertilization;
  • Management of water resources and irrigation;
  • Integrated defense of cultivations and proper use of pesticides;
  • Management of harvest and handling of products in controlled hygiene and quality conditions.


We care about a cleaner tomorrow, hence we operate with solar panels and carbon free equipment; you can also help by opting for Eco-friendly & 100% recyclable packaging.

Experience you can Trust

We guarantee effective and comprehensive representation for your business. Our reputation and history with successful companies and clients speak for themselves. We pride ourselves in helping businesses - Large or Small, that simply need reliable fresh Fruits & Vegetables exporter to proceed in today's economy.