About us

The company

Trust Trading Network is a newly established Tunisian Company specialized in exporting high quality products in fruits, and vegetables to many countries around the world.The company was found by experienced managers and agricultural specialists who have more than 10 years’ experience in packing and export of agricultural products from Tunisia.

Since our establishment we have been involved entirely in the domestic market aiming to provide the best prices and quality in the market to our customers and we made a great success. We continuously expanding our technical knowledge and raw material supply base via contract farming. Every process starting from farm to packing factory have been checked by QC team until the freight agent pick products up to port.

Our prosperity and great reputation encouraged us to expand our business abroad with a vision to become a national leader in providing high quality products according to the highest international standards.

TTN has already developed strong export activities. Our experience ensures that high quality TTN products are present in Europe, The Far east and other parts of the world. We are continuing our service to both retail and many more to wholesalers.

Our Values

• We believe in collective team work and holistic decision making.
• We combat any difficult business challenges with optimism.
• At work, we maintain a dynamic, entrepreneurial culture.
• We empower people to act quickly and decisively within a disciplined framework.
• We are willing to explore new ideas and take measured risks to capitalize on opportunities.
• We take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for the results.
• We strive to outperform while delivering on our commitment to customers and suppliers.


What we do

We trade with a genuine personal touch of care and commitment.
We use our diverse strengths to help our customers succeed in this highly competitive business environment.
Our strategic sourcing team plays an integral role to reduce costs and increase value to our supply chain.
We have carved our niche in this trading world dominated by the big league MNCs with personalized relationships between producers, processors and shippers with deep cultural values and long history in international trade.
Transparency in trades adds lot of energy and enthusiasm from both sides of the supply chain.

Typical of working with TTN

Long-term partnership

High ethical standards

Win-win situations

Personal approach

Open communication

Customer service

  • “Delivering competitive pricing, fresh quality produce with personalized service to our clients worldwide”
  • We think of our customers as our long-term partners. That is why customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Therefore, our first strategic aim is to earn and gain the trust and loyalty of our customer base. Converting a lot of our customers to our friends throughout long years, makes us think that we have managed to accomplish this aim so far. Our range of products is getting greater each and every day. Every day of the 12 months in every year a rich range of products are due to be in shelves from branches without breaking cold chain.
  • “Our commitment to servicing our customers is our number one priority. Our customers success is our success, so it is in our best interest that we supply our customers with the right quality at the right price so that we can succeed together. We want an ongoing partnership, something that is long term.”

“Make a customer, not a sale”. -Katherine Barchetti”

Our Partners

Trust Trading Network deals with the Tunisia’s leading agricultural processors serving our diverse group of customers efficiently and profitably. We operate the one of the world’s distinct and customized crop origination and transportation network, connecting crops in different origins and markets primarily in Europe and elsewhere. Our customers benefit from our hands on approach, strong relationships with farmers/cooperatives, and distinguished range of logistical services.
At TTN, we link traditional families of producers and consumers across the world, and work with farmers, cooperatives, societies, processors to supply high-quality products.